To Whom It May Concern: Travel Edition

Dear Security Line Bandit,
Stop. Taking. My. Bins. As soon as I put my coat and shoes back on, put my laptop in my bag and return my liquids to my suitcase, I will hunt you down.

Cranky at the X-Ray Machine


Dear Jerk-Face,
Guess what? All of us are on a delayed flight. All of us are tired and cranky. All of us want to get out of this airport. But do you see anybody else cursing and complaining and whining and moaning? Huh, me neither. So please shut up and stop looking at everyone else in line like you’re shocked that we’re not agreeing with you and declaring you our leader.

Patiently Waiting


Dear Southwest,
I really like you. You’re cheap. You make traveling just a bit simpler. But I think we may have to take a break. See other people. Because you seriously got on my nerves recently. First, delayed flight. Okay, I get it, it happens. Then you changed our gate. Three times. Okay, that’s just annoying. And then when we’re boarding you’re all “we’re already late, hurry hurry.” Um, it wasn’t our fault we’re late. So lay off! Geez.

Taking My Time


Dear Lady in 18C,


Girl in 17C


3 thoughts on “To Whom It May Concern: Travel Edition

  1. Amber says:

    I relate to the last one.

    By the way, my friend who is an airport baggage system engineer just confirmed to me this weekend that those x-ray thingys you walk through in security indeed allow the TSA employees to basically see you naked. So my question is, why aren’t those security guys happier? You’d think they’d at least be smiling. Maybe I’ll blog about it.

  2. Priya says:

    okay all i gots to say is that when i come to your blog and see…”To Whom It May Concern” i get real excited! i love when you do these sort of blogs!!!!!! i think my favorite is the camping edition. wow. your a funny one! i love you!

  3. Krissy says:

    i think my favorite is the last one to lady in 18C. I totally understand that, but for some reason, people feel the need to talk to me in airplanes and mostly i like it, sometimes…i just need my earphones.

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