Why a new blog, Brandy?

In my head, that’s what you’re asking. All three of you reading this.

I had a blog. I liked it well enough. It was a place to get down my thoughts. Say silly things.

But then life got crazy. And it was one of the first things to go. Plus, I’ll be honest. It was having a big of an identity crisis. Was it a funny blog? A serious one? Was it a cooking blog? A writing blog? Who knows.

But the last few years or so have been a crazy journey. First, I completed my Masters of Fine Arts at Goucher College, and as part of that wrote a memoir as my grad school thesis. Y’all (sorry, when I get excited my southern shows). It was life-changing. Literally.  I’ll write about it more on here at length, but suffice it to say, going back and digging into the things that have made me who I am also made me care about myself.

And then, I began caring for myself.

It’s been crazy. So many changes. And only a few of them were physical.

So now, I sit on the even of my 35th birthday. And I feel like it’s time to share the journey. I hope it will inspire you. And selfishly, I hope this will be a place where I will remember that the journey is not over.

August of 2013 to October of 2014
August of 2013 to October of 2014

Published by Brandy

I'm a full-time writer, part-time baker, and not-enough-time runner.

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