Sunday Bites–October 25–Things I Ate, Wore and Read This Week

I’m sorry, could someone tell me where October went? How is it that in a week, it will be November? I feel entirely unprepared for the holidays. I’m staying in Colorado this year for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and haven’t put an ounce of thought into what that will look like.

But you know what, life is good. I’m happy. And the holidays will come, and I will eat too many servings of mashed potatoes, then I will wrestle a Christmas tree into my living room and revel in the smell of pine while cursing the pine needles that I will still be discovering in July.

And on that note, here’s what I’ve been eating and wearing and reading as October winds down 🙂

Things I Ate

  • I took a “wellness day” from work this week, which means on a random Monday I actually had time to cook breakfast (instead of sleepily eating yogurt in front of the Today Show). And in the name of fall, I made pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes. They were delicious! Light and fluffy with lots of gooey chocolate chips. They just need a splash of maple syrup (and a steaming cup of coffee) to make the perfect breakfast!
  • I drink a lot of tea. I have it every afternoon at work. And most evenings I have another mug before I go to bed. My current favorites are Good Earth Sweet and Spicy and Celestial Seasoning Sweet Coconut Thai  Chai (with a splash of milk).
  • If you live in the Denver area, I highly recommend checking out Biju’s Little Curry Shop. Until a few years ago, I wasn’t a big Indian food fan. But then I discovered south Indian food! Most Indian restaurants in the US are more north Indian cuisine. South Indian food has a lot more vegetables, and the sauces and curries are lighter. In my humble opinion. Biju’s is run by the brother of one of my best friends, and has amazing food in the style of a Chipotle, where you build your own bowl. The choices aren’t overwhelming, and the staff is super helpful. I recommend the cinnamon-braised beef and the potatoes, with whatever toppings your little heart desires 🙂


Things I Wore

  • I have a few 5k’s coming up in the next few months. Which meant finding some cold weather running clothes. My running tights from last winter were the unfortunate victim of a spectacular fall, so I was in the market for new ones. I kept buying and returning tights and leggings until I finally found this pair at Target. They’re “brushed”–I don’t even know what that means, except they’re magically warm. Almost like they’re fleece-lined, but not bulky.
  • Of course, while I was buying running tights, I got sucked into the black hole that is Target. I’ve been needing to pick up some sweaters (not cardigans, because I have a cardigan addiction). I grabbed this one on a whim, and love the gray and yellow!


Things I Read

  • I’m in the middle of a couple of books, so until I actually finish some, my reading recommendations are largely web-based this week. And it was a good week for that, because some of my favorite people wrote some really amazing things. There’s this piece by my friend Sarah, and this one by the incomparable Earl Swift.
  • I actually read this a few weeks ago, but never posted it, and I wanted to remedy that. There was a viral video circulating earlier this summer called “Dear Fat People.” I’m not going to link to it, because it makes me angry and sad, but in short it was a really cruel diatribe against fat people. And then I read this response, and literally wanted to applaud the author. It’s beautifully written, articulate, and, in my opinion, incredibly grace-filled.

I think that’s all for this week…see you in November!


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I'm a full-time writer, part-time baker, and not-enough-time runner.

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