And then…

Sometimes, you experience a season of pain that leads to a season of quiet. All things public must go private. You walk in the shadows. You seek them, those quiet, cool places of solitude. The shadows feel safe and quiet. They are the place you find healing and rest.

And then…

You take those first tentative steps towards the light. Not into the light, at first. Just towards it. They’re hesitant steps. More of a shuffle, really.


And then…

You feel that first touch of warmth on your skin. It’s scary, but beneath the fear, it feels right. While the shadows were cool and quiet, the light is warm and humming with something familiar. A song that you’ve been listening for.


And then…

The song grows louder. It fills you. It is the soundtrack of this new life that you didn’t think was possible. The notes are glances and touches. The chorus is a crescendo of dormant hopes fulfilled. Your heart is hitting notes you didn’t know were possible.


And then…

There is us. Standing on a mountain. The past spread behind us. The future unfolding in front of us.


And then…

The journey is just beginning my life. A whole life filled with…

And then’s.


All photos courtesy of the AMAZING Mariya Harris/Harris Imagery


Published by Brandy

I'm a full-time writer, part-time baker, and not-enough-time runner.

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