Changing the World with a Hot Bath

I haven't been able to write on here in a while. I'm going through some "stuff" that has been the source of great brokenness, as well as great growth. It has sapped every bit of my emotional energy, of which I need plenty of to write. Just recently, I began writing personal things again. They … Continue reading Changing the World with a Hot Bath


Judging vs Loving

I don't think that many "young folks" read my blog, but just in case, I need to tell you something very important. Life gets more confusing as you get older. I get it, that sounds wrong. Trust me, it feels wrong too. Because you spend your whole life thinking, when I'm older, I'll figure it … Continue reading Judging vs Loving

Identity Crisis

My blog is going through an identity crisis. I have nothing to write about. I have everything to write about. Do I write about travel? Food? Health? The "writing life"? Do I write sarcastic letters to strangers who annoy me? Do I write heartfelt letters to strangers who minister to me? My writing feels slippery … Continue reading Identity Crisis

Me Too

For the past few days, a lot of dear friends have posted #MeToo on Facebook, and shared their stories of sexual assault/harassment. I read them. I grieved with them. But then today, a friend posted "what is the point of having 3327 friends and followers on Facebook if you don't use your voice..." And I … Continue reading Me Too

In the Dark

Last week, I found out that my foundation color was discontinued. If you're a girl, you feel my pain. If you're a boy...think about if your favorite sneakers were discontinued. Or your I don't know what gets discontinued for boys. So I found myself in Sephora, shoulders slumped, facing the task of finding a … Continue reading In the Dark