My little Guatemalan bird

*A few weeks ago I was able to meet the little girl I sponsor in Guatemala. For two years I have been sending monthly support, and have been corresponding with this sweet  6-year-old through photos and letters (me) and drawings and cards (her). But never did I expect the level of love I would feel … Continue reading My little Guatemalan bird


Grande Marche

As most of you know, I recently got back from a trip to Togo. I'm still sorting through thoughts, and still posting blogs related to the trip. To read all of my Togo entries, click here. How do you describe something for which there are no words? I'm frustrated because I can't make you understand … Continue reading Grande Marche

27 Flies

It was hard to breathe. We had turned off the fan in the corner so the rattling wouldn't be on the video. The moment we switched it off, the air grew heavy and thick. Flies buzzed around our heads. The men all clutched handkerchiefs, wiping the sheen of sweat off of their faces every few … Continue reading 27 Flies


She walked slowly out of her classroom, her face turned towards the ground. Her shoulders hunched up around her ears, the ragged sleeves of her dress nearly reaching her elbows. “What’s wrong with her,” I asked the group around me. They stopped the girl, and French phrases passed much too quickly for me to keep … Continue reading Merci


What did you have for lunch today? I had a turkey sandwich. Some grapes. A soda. In other words, I had more than the 300 million children who will go to bed hungry tonight. I had more than one third of the population who are malnourished. And I certainly had more than the 25,000 people … Continue reading Hungry?

Be the Change

For my birthday, a friend gave me a ring. It's a simple silver band, with a not-so-simple quote engraved on it. "Be the change you wish to see in the world." Leave it to Ghandi to challenge and inspire in just ten words. In the work that I do, I see lots of things that … Continue reading Be the Change

I’m famous!

Well, not really. But Compassion just started a corporate blog, and I just had my first entries posted. They aren't my typical blogs (nothing about me maiming myself, and no passive aggressive letters) but it was fun to sit down with some of our execs and find out their dreams for the ministry. So, you … Continue reading I’m famous!