My little Guatemalan bird

*A few weeks ago I was able to meet the little girl I sponsor in Guatemala. For two years I have been sending monthly support, and have been corresponding with this sweet  6-year-old through photos and letters (me) and drawings and cards (her). But never did I expect the level of love I would feelContinue reading “My little Guatemalan bird”

A little cold, a lot of perspective

I came back from Guatemala with a cold. A sore throat, stuffy nose, cough, congestion, headache, slight fever, and a general sense of icky. I met a lady in Guatemala. She had a cold too. Or more likely, an infection. Maybe bronchitis. Maybe worse. I nursed my cold in the comfort of my air conditionedContinue reading “A little cold, a lot of perspective”

A Pear and a Prayer

We walked on a muddy path that wound through cornfields. The stalks reached above our heads on either side as the rain continued its lazy sprinkling. There is nothing in the world like visiting a Compassion-assisted child’s home. Absolutely nothing. Nothing can prepare you for the sights, the sounds, the smells. Most of all, nothingContinue reading “A Pear and a Prayer”

To Whom It May Concern: Travel Edition

Dear Security Line Bandit, Stop. Taking. My. Bins. As soon as I put my coat and shoes back on, put my laptop in my bag and return my liquids to my suitcase, I will hunt you down. Cranky at the X-Ray Machine ———————————— Dear Jerk-Face, Guess what? All of us are on a delayed flight.Continue reading “To Whom It May Concern: Travel Edition”