And then…

Sometimes, you experience a season of pain that leads to a season of quiet. All things public must go private. You walk in the shadows. You seek them, those quiet, cool places of solitude. The shadows feel safe and quiet. They are the place you find healing and rest. And then... You take those first … Continue reading And then…


Changing the World with a Hot Bath

I haven't been able to write on here in a while. I'm going through some "stuff" that has been the source of great brokenness, as well as great growth. It has sapped every bit of my emotional energy, of which I need plenty of to write. Just recently, I began writing personal things again. They … Continue reading Changing the World with a Hot Bath

Identity Crisis

My blog is going through an identity crisis. I have nothing to write about. I have everything to write about. Do I write about travel? Food? Health? The "writing life"? Do I write sarcastic letters to strangers who annoy me? Do I write heartfelt letters to strangers who minister to me? My writing feels slippery … Continue reading Identity Crisis

Me Too

For the past few days, a lot of dear friends have posted #MeToo on Facebook, and shared their stories of sexual assault/harassment. I read them. I grieved with them. But then today, a friend posted "what is the point of having 3327 friends and followers on Facebook if you don't use your voice..." And I … Continue reading Me Too

In the Dark

Last week, I found out that my foundation color was discontinued. If you're a girl, you feel my pain. If you're a boy...think about if your favorite sneakers were discontinued. Or your I don't know what gets discontinued for boys. So I found myself in Sephora, shoulders slumped, facing the task of finding a … Continue reading In the Dark