My Story Part 3

Part 1 Part 2 When I look in the mirror every morning, that voice of my youth still whispers about my flaws. I wrote those words in an essay, and in the margin, my writing mentor scribbled the words “Really? Every morning?” Yes. Every morning. That writing mentor was one of several whom I worked … Continue reading My Story Part 3


My Story Part 2

(Read Part 1 Here) I’m kind of surprised at what a non-issue my weight seemed to be in young adult. Seemed to be is the most important part of that sentence. Nobody made a big deal about how I looked. Nobody challenged me in what I ate or my lack of exercise. And I wouldn’t … Continue reading My Story Part 2

So then…

As a writer, I will go to great lengths to procrastinate. As I enter the editing phase of my grad school thesis, I find that my procrastination skills are somehow multiplied. My life becomes a series of "so thens." Sunday morning after church, I decided that my house needed to be cleaned. Top to bottom, … Continue reading So then…