Covered Up

I stand at the bathroom sink and look at my reflection through a film of toothpaste spots. I am sick. Just a virus, but it has hung on long and hard. My cough is a rough bark in my chest. My breathing a growl. If it weren't so dramatic, I would call it animalistic. As … Continue reading Covered Up


So then…

As a writer, I will go to great lengths to procrastinate. As I enter the editing phase of my grad school thesis, I find that my procrastination skills are somehow multiplied. My life becomes a series of "so thens." Sunday morning after church, I decided that my house needed to be cleaned. Top to bottom, … Continue reading So then…


I was sick a lot as a child. Many of my earliest memories take place in a hospital, a plastic mask placed over my nose and mouth, being told to breathe slowly as the salty steam crept into my lungs. Other memories come from battling my asthma at home. My mother always brought me to … Continue reading Comfort