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This is your “deep dive” into my brain. Where I write about food, travel, my childhood and pretty much anything else you can imagine!

My Story

I believe everyone has a place they were born in, and one they were born for. See how I got between the two! –> Read More

Move It

Look. I never thought I’d be a runner. Or go to the gym BY CHOICE. But it’s another unexpected part of the journey! –> Read More

Eat It

I love food. What can I say. I love to cook and bake and most of all eat. There is joy in delicious food. In sharing a meal around the table with friends and strangers alike. –> Read More

Live It

Life is an adventure. It’s filled with mountains and valleys and all kinds of messes and triumphs in-between. This is kind of my “catch-all” category for writing around the simple, crazy act of living life. –> Read More

The Writing Life

Someone once told me “you know you’re a writer when you can’t not write.” To which I responded BUAHAHAHAHA. I love writing. It’s terrible and wonderful and these posts will give you a glimpse into what it means for me to be a writer. –> Read More


(Sorry, I couldn’t think of a “___________ it!” title for this one) This is where I write about the amazing trips I get to take around the world. I strip away the romanticism of travel — but leave in the wonder! –> Read More


Just a few links to some “professional” pieces I’ve done. In case you ever tire of stories about bodily harm or diatribes against kindergartners. Like that would ever happen!