Whole30: 1ish Week Down!

That’s right, folks. I’m doing Whole30. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically a 30-day elimination diet, where you cut out all sugar that doesn’t come from fruit (including honey, maple, agave, etc.), grains, legumes and dairy. So basically, you eat a load of veggies, fruit, eggs, potatoes, nuts (except peanuts) and meat. Honestly, […]

But does it taste good (and a recipe)?

I love to bake. You can ask anyone I work with. I used to be the queen of bringing in baked goods. Pumpkin muffins stuffed with cream cheese. White chocolate cookies studded with tart cranberries. Bundt cakes dripping with puddles of glaze. Not only did it all taste good. Baking was a stress reliever for me, […]

5 Tips for Getting It Done: Mealtime

I’ve had a lot of people ask lately how I get mealtime done after work. And first of all, I will say that cooking for one person is a bit easier than preparing meals for an entire family. First of all, I’m only thinking about my likes (bacon) and dislikes (olives), instead of trying to think […]

Retraining my Taste Buds (and a sorta, kinda recipe)

If you were to ask me to close my eyes and imagine the taste of my childhood, it would be Little Debbie oatmeal pies. That soft, ever so slightly spiced, oatmeal cake with the white cream filling that left your mouth coated with…something both chemical and delicious. The taste of college? McDonald’s hamburgers and fries. […]