In the Dark

Last week, I found out that my foundation color was discontinued. If you’re a girl, you feel my pain. If you’re a boy…think about if your favorite sneakers were discontinued. Or your favorite…basketball? I don’t know what gets discontinued for boys. So I found myself in Sephora, shoulders slumped, facing the task of finding aContinue reading “In the Dark”

Thoughts from the Pew: Lord, Have Mercy

It happens towards the end of the service every Sunday. After the hymns, the sermon, but before we file forward to accept the body, the blood on our tongues, we say the prayers of the people. The exact words vary, as does the person leading us in the prayers, but one thing remains the sameContinue reading “Thoughts from the Pew: Lord, Have Mercy”

Everyone Forgets to Look Back

This past December, my boyfriend and I went to see the Christmas lights at the botanical gardens in Denver. It’s one of my favorite things to do at the holidays. There’s something about twinkling lights and cinnamon roasted nuts and breaths turned to white puffs in the air. It was one of the last SaturdaysContinue reading “Everyone Forgets to Look Back”

Buy the Red Pants

I was browsing the clearance section at my local Kohl’s a few years ago. My fingers flipped nimbly by the smalls, mediums and larges, only pausing when I got to the hangers marked XL.* On another rack I quickly moved past the cute single digits and plunged well into the double digits. Almost out ofContinue reading “Buy the Red Pants”

No More Bikini Body!

It was a Tuesday afternoon and I was trying to will myself to hold a plank for 10 more seconds. My arms shook and drops of sweat made jagged circles on my yoga mat.* From the screen in front of me a chiseled blond spoke chipper words of encouragement while I grumbled expletives under myContinue reading “No More Bikini Body!”